Friday, April 20, 2007

Hate Crimes After VTECH Shooting

It's unfortunate that an event like the VTech Shooting had to even occur, and has come to scar the very conscience of our nation. But it's scarring us to the point where human anger has exploit the open wound and seeks to rip it open entirely. And this is needless.

Nonetheless, there are many faces out there, womyn, children, and teens, working men, that will be affected by the aftermath anger. It's just as important to let these faces be seen and voices be heard. So please document any hate crimes that have affected you or your loved-ones as a result of this VTECH Shooting. Because it's important for the world to see how much needless pain we continue to cause each other right after an already painful event. Please don't go unheard, let this be a reminder and a wake-up call to the conscience against the hate and rage. Don't SILENCE the hurt.

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